A glimpse into ISP’s new office

A glimpse into ISP’s new office

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Following our recent and unprecedented hiring surge, International Study Programs have moved to brand new modern offices on Charles Square. This has also been an exciting opportunity to design, almost from scratch, an office environment that both reflects and supports our company culture. As Dan Pontefract discusses in his article “Your Corporate Headquarters Can Symbolize Your Company Culture”, office design and office culture can be mutually influential. Indeed, any positive changes to an office environment can be conducive for increased employee productivity, commitment and engagement.

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One of the core motivations behind the design of ISP’s new office is to maintain and strengthen professional relationships. Each of ISP’s five teams, EMEA, AMIB, Asia, Sales and Back Office continue to have their own workspaces nestled within the office to reinforce team integrity. However, we have also optimized the spatial design of ISP’s single floor office to encourage communication and collaboration between teams, as well provide the possibility of more casual and flexible workspaces. So with the exception of the conference rooms and game room, the ISP office is completely open plan!

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Perhaps what best reflects ISP’s corporate culture is our hub, an interactive and multifunctional space equipped with kitchen/bar facilities, phone booths and a projector. The hub is a place where we come together to relax, socialize and brainstorm new ideas. But it is also where we, as a company, meet with our global client base and connect with international business contacts.

Come to visit us at Charles Square!

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