CSR Activities of 2016!

CSR Activities of 2016!


What better way to begin the new year than with good news!

In 2016, ISP teamed up with The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT), raising money for their school development projects that include building science labs, providing libraries, and installing toilets and running water.

We held various fundraising events throughout the year. Here are some of the highlights!

Delicious feasting

On two occasions ISP were treated to a private chef, who made tasty gourmet sandwiches for the office. Apparently we are a hungry bunch, because we raised an unexpected total of GBP 330!!

Travel photography

At our Opening Party, we showcased some of the best photography taken by our staff in a silent auction. These stunning photos were taken from travels all over the world, from local and far flung destinations, such as the USA, India, Vietnam and Myanmar. One of the photos even won an award from a Canon competition! We raised a total of GBP 480!


Movies nights

With such a diverse team of many different nationalities working at ISP, we decided to hold a cultural movie night. The Hub was transformed from office work space by day into a movie theatre by night!  We showed a Romanian comedy-drama film, “Silent Wedding”, and served lovely Romanian snacks. In total, we raised GBP 67!

Fitness fun

We held a 3 hour spinning marathon where ISPers chased our very own Account Executive &  professional spinning instructor, Adam K!  It was a tough but rewarding challenge, and raised a very healthy GBP 247!


Arctic Expedition

Captain Jon Armstrong flew into ISP’s Prague office to give an inspiring presentation about his extreme Arctic expedition. During his 1000 mile, 93 day journey, he faced extreme weather conditions and several life-threatening scenarios, including fast-moving icebergs, dangerous terrain and polar bears, which challenged his resourcefulness, perseverance, and leadership skills. It was truly amazing to see how much can be achieved with dedication and hard work.  Captain Jon Armstrong was a real inspiration for us – so much so, that we raised a brilliant GBP 790!


ISP are still holding various fundraising events for The Gurkha Welfare Trust, adding to our 2016 grand total of GBP 5,340! What a great way to end the year!

Thank you for continuing to support ISP’s CSR activities. We wish you all a Happy 2017!!


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