8 Asian Destinations That Fascinate Us (And Why They Should Fascinate You)

8 Asian Destinations That Fascinate Us (And Why They Should Fascinate You)

ASIA – Where tradition meets the future

Through our extensive excursions across Asia, we’ve narrowed down the top eight destinations to visit this year, as recommended by our clients and program managers.

1 – China

China does not stop captivating us. The combination of cut-throat capitalism and drive for innovation makes for an ever-changing economic landscape full of opportunities. After such rapid industrialization, China’s economy is undergoing yet another transformation – from the world’s biggest assembly line to the world’s biggest innovator. Global companies are seeing China as vital not only for their supply chains but also as an opportune market with increasingly affluent consumers.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Vojta K.)

“Beijing and Shanghai are fascinating, both from a cultural and business perspective. Many fast-growing cities are attracting global attention. The Shenzhen region, dubbed “the new Silicon Valley”, is the epicentre of China’s high-tech design and manufacturing. Western cities like Chengdu, Chongqing or Xi’an have become impressive hubs for IT, automotive, and aerospace industries. These are cities that should be on your radar!”


2 – Vietnam

Vietnam is a dynamic and constantly developing country that offers a unique experience. It has transformed from a centrally planned to a market-oriented economy over the past few years and is now superior to neighbouring countries in terms of infrastructure, urbanization and relative socio-political stability. The country is chasing an ambitious mindset and has experienced rapid economic growth, largely influenced by a significantly younger population. Choose Vietnam to experience dynamic consumer behaviour, a restructuring financial sector and a thriving IT sector.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Zung):

“Vietnam is an astonishing place to visit – it promises an experience you would struggle to find elsewhere. From a business aspect it is blossoming. There is space for innovation and opportunities that attract professionals from all over the world. This happens on the back of a colourful culture so typical with rushing motorbikes and bright city lights. My personal recommendation is to visit Hanoi – a political capital oozing with colonial architecture, and Ho Chi Minh City – a bustling business city with endless opportunities.”

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3 – Singapore

From third world to top of the world – Singapore became the king of transformation through its rapid progress and remarkable openness to both global trade and investment. The flourishing economy juxtaposed by such a volatile dictatorship provides a fascinating insight into the economic landscape of the region. The enterprising commercial activity makes this logistics, IP and aviation hub such an exciting business environment to be a part of.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Misa V.)

“Visiting Singapore, The Lion City, on a study trip should be in every MBA curriculum. It is great to combine Singapore with developing cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Bangkok – a short flight gives the students a wonderful chance to explore two vastly different wonders. A fantastic opportunity to absorb an intense learning experience.”

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4 – South Korea

Korea remains a strong destination in our portfolio and is especially great in combination with economically emerging countries such as Vietnam or Cambodia. With a wide array of partners ranging from multinational giants and ambitious entrepreneurs to car manufacturers and research institutions, Korea has vast academic opportunities to offer business students at any level. Korean culture is deeply rooted in religious and spiritual traditions. This is not only fascinating to observe, but also embedded in the way Koreans conduct themselves in both their professional and private lives.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Adam V.)

“Outside of the traditionally strong industries, the entertainment sector is another field worthy of attention. Korean pop music, TV, movie production and the gaming industry are now dominant across Asia and are gradually spreading west to Europe and America. They are an integral combination of scientific advancement, strong industrial foundation and growing cultural influence.”

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5 – Japan

After dizzying growth in the 80s, Japan remains the third-largest economy globally with many world-class industries. From traditional automotive and electronic industries to the exciting new robotics and AI industries, Japan is a global player that should not be underestimated. The story of Japan’s modernization is both inspiring and exemplary.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Vojta K.)

“Everything we love and admire, everything that confuses and bewilders us about Japan is epitomized by her capital. I would also suggest exploring Osaka and Kyoto in the vibrant Kansai region. The dynamic business activity in Osaka makes the city atmosphere not unlike Tokyo’s. Meanwhile Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese culture, can offer a welcoming retreat. It is home to many influential high-tech companies whose cutting-edge technology we use daily in our smartphones and other gadgets.”

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6 – Cambodia

Cambodia is a must for anybody who wants to directly experience how an agrarian economy is adapting to the twenty-first century. With half the population under 30, the country is aiming to become the regional manufacturing hub. Cambodia is culturally stunning and home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. A simple glimpse at Angkor Wat is a mind-blowing experience.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Bara K.)

“The authenticity of Cambodia – its people and their simple way of life – will invoke many troublesome questions that we often forget to ask. Following the brutal genocide in the 1970s, Cambodia has become a democracy and a real wonder in Southeast Asia. Simply put, Cambodia is a country full of paradoxes with whom you will fall in love.”


7 – Dubai

The biggest, highest, best, most expensive. There are many reasons why the city of superlatives has been a stable star in the ISP program portfolio. The construction sector is the key driver of Dubai’s growth. The region holds a record in delivering multi-billion-dollar projects – 20% of the world’s total cranes are now operating in Dubai in various constructions and the 3D printed building initiative highlight Dubai’s determination to lead industry innovation.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Misa V.)

“I personally love arranging events with local professionals – their dedication and openness to share specific insights into their business life is admirable. The outstanding business experience is perfectly balanced with local culture – appetizing food, welcoming Emirati people, leaning palm trees, deserts and safari experiences. The program is often combined with a trip to Abu Dhabi or India.”

Charles Matthews’ recommendation (University of Cincinnati)

“Quite simply, a study abroad experience in the United Arab Emirates is a unique, valuable, and for many, a once in a life time learning experience. The UAE is a fascinating blend of the 2,000-year-old history and the new, as the country was founded in 1971. There is an incredible vision for an innovative and technology-focused future. Partnering with ISP means I am not just an observer, but an active and integrative educator capturing the breadth and depth of the region.”

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8 – India

India should be on everyone’s radar in the coming years. According to PwC’s World 2050 report, India is projected to be the world’s second-largest economy by 2050, behind China. With half of the country’s population under the age of twenty-five, India promises an immense potential for growth due to the vast workforce and the undeniable belief that the younger generation can change the world. This vigour mixed with deeply rooted traditions make for an exciting place to explore and conduct business.

Program Manager’s recommendation (Veronika B.)

“No trip to India can leave you feeling indifferent. Be it energized, inspired or bewildered, it is sure to stir up some emotions. India is a place where connections are crucial and culture and traditions are closely intertwined with personal and professional lives. I would encourage business schools to also look beyond the traditional combinations of Delhi or Mumbai and consider cities such as Hyderabad, India’s startup hub.”

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