Industry Focus: Cybersecurity Study Tour in Prague

Industry Focus: Cybersecurity Study Tour in Prague

Just weeks before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, ISP’ers and students from Marymount University engaged in a week-long experience in Prague, examining areas of AI, strategic risk management and user protection.

Prague may be a surprising destination in which to examine this theme, but when you consider Czech antivirus company Avast is about to IPO in London for an anticipated $4billion, and the recent EU legislation around protection of consumer information, Prague suddenly becomes a natural choice.

Watch a one-day preview of the program or download the full trip itinerary here.


‘I think the students were amazed how Prague as a post-communist city has become so advanced in hi-tech industries and that you can find so many innovative minds and successful companies – they now look at Prague not only as a beautiful city, but also as the tech and start-up hub of Central Europe.’ (Adela Kutalkova, Senior Program Manager at ISP)


The case for increasing customization

In the past six months, we have developed programs with concentrations on healthcare (London), real estate development (Spain, Dubai), social entrepreneurship (Cape Town), and Brexit (London & Dublin). We’re always excited about the opportunity to design fresh and inspiring content, and to create relevant and effective educational trips to set your students apart.

If you’re interested in furthering a conversation about cybersecurity, or how we design forward-thinking experiences, please get in touch.


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