Top 5 Destinations Under US $2,000

Top 5 Destinations Under US $2,000

Exciting, inspiring, network-enhancing programs can be highly affordable. Travel to these incredible countries and we will guide you to the best companies, speakers and accommodation for you. Discover our favourite best-value destinations and #learnmore from our experienced Program Managers about the countries they love.

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1. Portugal

Like a Phoenix, Portugal has risen from the ashes of the 2008 global financial crisis to reinvent itself as a popular startup hub and entrepreneur’s paradise on the edge of Europe. Lisbon now hosts the largest tech conference in the world since the Web Summit moved from Dublin in 2016. Portugal is ideal for students eager to gain an understanding of how to develop, launch and expand their own businesses. We immerse students in the startup scene and take them to the companies attracting local attention as well as those expanding globally. Quality fresh food, reliable weather, excellent infrastructure and a welcoming population has become a seemingly ubiquitous aspect of the national culture, while regular flights into the capital make Portugal an appealing option for those on a budget but seeking a glimpse into the future of entrepreneurship.

Pavlina Synkova (Senior Program Manager in our Americas and Iberia Team):

“Traveling students can make valuable connections and see how entrepreneurial spirit is shaping the country.”

Discover more about our programs in Portugal.


2. Vietnam

Vietnam is the R&D hub of South-East Asia and an emerging market. Equally well suited to students interested in STEM, operations management or cross-cultural leadership, Vietnam boasts an ambitious mindset and has experienced rapid economic growth, creating enormous opportunities for foreign and domestic investors. Here, students can grasp business models which embrace profit and purpose and how social entrepreneurship schemes (like Koto) are also creating significant impact by empowering those most vulnerable. A young population, with an eye on financial & societal advancement creates an atmosphere of supreme optimism and energy – a perfect context in which to find inspiration and new opportunities.

Michaela Vokounova (Team Leader in our ASIA Team)

“Many Vietnamese combine their education at home with their experiences abroad to enhance their career – there is potential for traveling students to do the same!”

Learn more about our programs in Vietnam.


3. Argentina

Even amid political and economic instability, creativity thrives in Argentina, encouraging advances in a wide range of sectors from fashion to architecture; building on private-public partnerships which foster design thinking together with social and economic development. A diverse, energetic and highly resilient city, Buenos Aires is host to numerous global businesses and a base for some highly successful local companies. The country now has the second largest GDP per capita in the region after Brazil and many US companies have offices in Buenos Aires, home to a vibrant business ecosystem and some of Latin America’s most successful tech companies. Among our network are Argentine entrepreneurs who have founded billion-dollar companies such as Edelflex. Beyond the boardroom, the Argentine reputation for great food, sustainable agriculture, and a passion for the performing arts is richly deserved.

Paola Aravena (Head of our Americas and Iberia Team)

“ISP secures the best speakers who provide unique insights into the corporate, political, and economic climate. This creates an eye-opening prospect for traveling students.”

See more about our programs in Argentina.


4. Czech Republic

While this former communist country remains a manufacturing powerhouse with companies such as Skoda and Pilsner Urquell, in recent years it has become world-renowned for design and tech innovations from companies like AVAST. Our visits expose students to these homegrown giants and contrast with startups or popular initiatives, such as Czechitas who are aiming to empower women in tech industries. A highly affordable, and visually stunning city, Prague is also very safe and easy to navigate, making it a desirable option for less experienced travellers as well as seasoned globetrotters.

Ondrej Sladecek (Deputy Head of our EMEA Team)

“Besides gaining insights into the tech world, students may even consider founding or outsourcing a business following their tailored study trip here.”

Discover an industry-focused program in Prague.


5. Dubai

An opulent city known for its 7-star hotel and love of luxury, fuelled by enormous ambition and widespread investment, Dubai is perhaps a surprising destination to explore for under US $2,000. The city’s plans for Expo 2020 and the futuristic, sci-fi like designs of the Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands epitomizes Dubai’s desire to be the most impressive, most prosperous metropolis in the world. MBA, EMBA and undergraduate students have a fantastic opportunity to contrast Islamic traditions with the burgeoning ambition and prolific innovations that are shaping a rapidly-changing region. Visits including real estate, tourism, healthcare and tech have all been highly rated. A diverse, logistically strategic and safe city, Dubai is the ideal trip for those inspired by bountiful innovation across a plethora of industries.

Zuzana Vedralova (Senior Program Manager in our ASIA Team)

“Dubai is the city of the future – students can learn a great deal from seeing how a traditional desert region has evolved to one of the most futuristic locations on the planet.”

Find out more about our programs in Dubai.


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