The Best Combination Trips in South America

The Best Combination Trips in South America

South America is one of the world’s most rapidly growing and intriguing regions. Travel to these tantalizing combinations and discover why the continent is a must visit for future business leaders. Learn how resilience and adaptability are key attributes when conducting business in a volatile, yet beautiful climate.


Buenos Aires is home to our most visited destination in the region. Even amid a tortuous political bureaucracy, creativity thrives in the capital, encouraging advances in a wide range of sectors from fashion to entrepreneurship. It’s the ideal place for business students to meet resilient business leaders at companies like Grupo Clarín, and discover what it takes to manage a successful media company.

In contrast, Chile’s more conservative capital regularly ranks highly among developing markets globally. Yet Santiago’s density of entrepreneurs per square meter is one of the highest in Latin America – an attractive prospect for business students keen to get a real sense of foreign business practices. While the mining industry represents 55% of Chile’s total export, an extensive collaborative ecosystem is driving strong bio, nano and environment-related technologies, creating a fascinating opportunity for students to explore how Chile’s traditional industry is being disrupted by innovative thinking. Besides the academic and business possibilities, the Argentine and Chilean reputation for exceptional wine, delicious food and breath-taking views is world-class.

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While Brazil and Argentina have long been the ‘golden children’ of the region, Colombia is now emerging as one of the most exciting, vibrant and dynamic destinations for those studying economic regeneration. In a country where glorious weather, ancient sites and award-winning coffee are ubiquitous, great foreign influence and convenient flight connectivity are opening the door to exciting networking and job openings. The capital, Bogota is at the heart of this dramatic change and forward-thinking mindset, which creates boundless opportunities for students to meet with entrepreneurs and visit urban development projects, like GSAPP.

In comparison, our Peruvian visits expose students to a thriving startup community, exemplified by companies such as MEPSA and Belcorp. With both countries competing to become the most innovative in the region, this is one of the best combination trips for those seeking a glimpse into South America’s future. Together with its unique cultural and gastronomic heritage, including the wonders of Cusco and Machu Picchu, Peru has much to offer anyone seeking an adventure steeped in history.

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South America’s most culturally diverse region boasts one of the largest and most influential global economies. Yet Brazil’s vastly impressive sustainability and conservation efforts continue to garner prestigious accolades around the world. A staggering 75% of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources, significantly above the global average around 15%. Brazil provides the perfect learning laboratory for MBA, EMBA and undergraduate students to meet those shepherding innovation in areas such as renewable energy.

While Sao Paulo houses a significant international financial center, responsible for a third of Brazil’s GDP, Rio showcases a vast entrepreneurial spirit and offers a fantastic combination of academics, industry tours and insights from top management at companies such as PayPal. Brazil instantly immerses students in typical Brazilian culture – vibrant music and colors, delicious Brazilian meat, and luxurious beach hotels – while both cities epitomize Brazilian resilience and desire to cement themselves on the global stage.

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