ISP Roundup Summer Edition: A New Web, Progressive Prague & A Country in Contrast

ISP Roundup Summer Edition: A New Web, Progressive Prague & A Country in Contrast


Over the past four months, we’ve been busy immersing 1850 participants in over 50 destinations throughout the world – and now you can experience the eye-opening potential of an intensive global study trip from behind the screen through our new and enhanced website.

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‘”People spend a third of their lives at work, but how can we make them happy when they are there? Actually, how can we truly examine happiness at work?”As I sat alongside 29 masters’ students at Happiness@Work’s offices in Czechia’s burgeoning capital, I suddenly realized how captivated they were by the questions posed by each speaker.’” – Zuzana Simova, Program Manager, International Study Programs

This particular visit was part of a wider HR-focused study trip to Prague (our best-selling destination in 2019) with Texas A&M University – a non-conventional program specifically crafted to the changing needs of participants. The group was introduced to a mix of innovative companies including Learn2GrowAVAST and STRV. They engaged in topics such as how to acquire talent and create a warm company culture, as well as how to greet employees and why recruitment shouldn’t only be in the hands of HR.

Looking back, the group was able to apply learnings gained throughout the first few days by proposing solutions to hypothetical examples during visits later in the week. The students could then transfer that knowledge to their subsequent summer internships in North America following their return.

ISP’s own HR-department weighed in during the study trip too. Matej and Irena joined the students’ in experiencing eye-opening events that will live in the memories of all attendees.

“Hosting this kind of program was a special opportunity for ISP’s HR team to share our experience with the group and gain more insights into current trends together. We were thrilled that the students found the topics appealing and enjoyed their time in Prague, all while learning more about how diverse HR roles can be.” – Irena Stetinova, HR Manager, International Study Programs


“Sumo wrestling is certainly among one of Japan’s most cherished competitive past times. Yet as Pepperdine University MBA students circled the ring, they inadvertently gained a unique perspective into the sport and country we had traveled to. After a ‘bout’ during our themed lunch , several female students attempted to cross the ring, but were quickly ushered away by staff. In Japan, women are forbidden to enter the ‘ring’ – a custom dating back several hundred years – but nonetheless serving as a little snapshot into the power and role that tradition plays within the Japanese culture; and something that would follow us throughout our travels.” – Ben Rodenburg, Program Manager, International Study Programs

During the seven-day immersive study trip, students gained numerous insights into the Japanese way of life, plus how business is conducted on the international stage and how practices differ to the U.S. – an itinerary in direct alignment with the client’s pre-trip brief. Contrary to the initial caveat, the story of Japan’s modernization is both inspiring and exemplary. After dizzying growth in the 80s, Japan remains the third-largest economy globally with many world-class industries – most notably those that have made a home in the dynamic capital, Tokyo.

A notable visit tasked the group with proposing solutions to various challenges posed by local startup A speed consulting session split the students into sub-groups and tackled topics including how to develop strategic partnerships locally and expand a Japanese product to a U.S. market. Overall, the trip was a truly ‘hands-on’ experience that became hugely beneficial for both the students and speakers who kindly gave up their time to offer these unique interactions.

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